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Songs & Duets (1970)

Richard Tauber - Songs & Duets

Songs & Duets

Richard Tauber - Songs & Duets alt

Songs & Duets
(alternate cover)

  1. Love Never Comes too Late (featuring Evelyn Laye)
  2. Nobody Could Love You More (featuring Evelyn Laye)
  3. Lovely As a Night in June (Schön wie die blaue Sommernacht) (featuring Jarmila Novotná)
  4. Free and Young (Frei und jung dabei) (featuring Gitta Alpár)
  5. Much Has Been Written of Love (Es steht vom Lieben gar oft geschrieben) (featuring Gitta Alpár)
  6. A Cup of Tea with You (featuring Vera Schwarz)
  7. Love What Has Given You This Magic Power (featuring Vera Schwarz)
  8. Wayside Rose
  9. Giannina mia
  10. Fascination
  11. Rose Marie
  12. Indian Love Call
  13. Serenade
  14. Will You Remember
  15. Waltz of My Heart
  16. Sweethearts

The Golden Age of Richard Tauber (1983)

Richard Tauber - The Golden Age of Richard Tauber

The Golden Age of Richard Tauber

  1. We'll Gather Lilacs
  2. One Alone
  3. The English Rose
  4. Lover Come Back to Me
  5. One Day When We Were Young
  6. Long Ago (And Far Away)
  7. Sympathy
  8. Dearly Beloved
  9. Can I Forget You
  10. Waltz Song
  11. Pedro, the Fisherman
  12. I Knew That You Must Care
  13. Love Serenade
  14. Sylvia
  15. Largo (Ombra mai fu)
  16. At the Balalaika
  17. For This I Pray
  18. Serenade
  19. Ave Maria
  20. Serenade / Farewell My Love - Farewell

Songs on Compilations

Other Songs

  1. Dein ist mein ganzes Herz
  2. Kennst du das kleine Haus am Michigansee?
  3. Leben ohne Liebe kannst du nicht
  4. Schlaf, mein Liebling!
  5. Wolgalied

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1891, d.1948
  • Occupations: tenor, film actor

Real name:

Richard Tauber is a performance name for Richard Denemy-Tauber.

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