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Rich Boy (2007)

Rich Boy - Rich Boy

Rich Boy

  1. The Madness
  2. Role Models (featuring David Banner and Attitude)
  3. Boy Looka Here
  4. Throw Some D's (featuring Polow Da Don)
  5. What It Do (featuring Sean P and Cutty)
  6. Good Things (featuring Polow Da Don and Keri Hilson)
  7. Hustla Balla Gangsta Mack
  8. Touch That Ass
  9. On The Regular
  10. Gangsta (Interlude) (featuring Mark Twain)
  11. Get To Poppin'
  12. And I Love You (featuring Big Boi and Pastor Troy)
  13. Lost Girls (featuring Keri Hilson and Rock City)
  14. Ghetto Rich (featuring John Legend)
  15. Let's Get This Paper
  16. Throw Some D's (Remix) (featuring André 3000, Jim Jones, Murphy Lee, Nelly and The Game)

Break The Pot (2013)

Rich Boy - Break The Pot

Break The Pot

  1. Gangsta (featuring Mista Raja)
  2. Break The Pot (featuring Hemi)
  3. Real Mutha Fucka (featuring Maino, Hemi and Mista Raja)
  4. She Do It
  5. Monster (featuring Mista Raja)
  6. Go Hard (featuring GQ Beats)
  7. Pimp On (featuring Doe B, Playboi Loe and Smash!!)
  8. Everything About You (featuring Bobby V)
  9. Fuckin Sum (featuring Maja)
  10. Kiss the Moment (featuring Kaleena)
  11. Glasses In The Air (featuring Jue)
  12. Bitches and Bands

Other Songs

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. D-Boyz
  2. Drop
  3. Get To Poppin' (Remix)
  4. Ghetto Queen
  5. Ghetto Rich (Remix)
  6. Ghetto Rich Remix
  7. It's Over
  8. Let's Get This Paper/Balla Life
  9. Madness
  10. Put It In Dey Face
  11. Standing On Thecouch
  12. You Don't Love Me

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