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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Butcher Pete, Part 1 by Roy Brown
  2. Butcher Pete, Part 2 by Roy Brown
  3. Sexy Ways by The Midnighters
  4. Daddy Rollin' Stone by Otis Blackwell
  5. My Baby Keeps Rollin' by Annisteen Allen
  6. Let's Turn 'em On Tonight by Shep Tingle
  7. Sittin' On It All The Time by Wynonie Harris
  8. Butter For My Roll by Jim Wynn
  9. So Good To My Baby by Big Maybelle
  10. Sure Cure For The Blues by The Four Jacks
  11. My Baby Takes All Of Me by The “5” Royales
  12. I Wanna Make Love To You by Jimmy McCracklin
  13. Ain't Nothin' Shakin' by Johnny Otis
  14. Your Daddy's Doggin' Around by Todd Rhodes
  15. I Know How To Do It by Dinah Washington
  16. Vooey, Vooey Vay by Sugar Chile Robinson
  17. Move Your Hand, Baby by Crown Prince Waterford
  18. Wailin' Daddy by Mabel Scott
  19. Squeeze Me by Milt Trenier
  20. Real Gone Lover by Smiley Lewis
  21. Oh John by Bull Moose Jackson
  22. Mr. Low Love by Terry Timmons
  23. How About Rocking With Me by Piney Brown
  24. Sausage Rock by Doc Sausage
  25. My Ding A Ling by Dave Bartholomew
Disc 2
  1. Work With Me Annie by The Midnighters
  2. Annie Had a Baby by The Midnighters
  3. Annie's Aunt Fannie by The Midnighters
  4. So Many Ways by Varetta Dillard
  5. Fat Meat by Jim Wynn
  6. Mercenary Papa by Cootie Williams
  7. Lollypop Mama by Wynonie Harris
  8. Ridin' in the Moonlight by Howlin' Wolf
  9. Ride, Daddy, Ride by Fats Noel
  10. My Baby Likes to Shuffle by Alonzo Scales
  11. Daddy Daddy by Ruth Brown
  12. Mighty Mighty Man by Roy Brown
  13. My Gal's a Jockey by Big Joe Turner
  14. We're Gonna Rock by Cecil Gant
  15. Mr. Fine by Mabel Scott
  16. Lemon Squeezer by Jimmy Wilson
  17. The Deacon Moves In by Esther Phillips
  18. We're Gonna Ball This Mornin' by Sammy Cotton
  19. I Can't Stop It by Jimmy Liggins
  20. Ooh Rockin' Daddy by The Moonglows
  21. You're So Fine by Little Walter
  22. Long Lean Daddy by Sarah Dean
  23. Kissin' Bug Boogie by Crown Prince Waterford
  24. Playful Baby by Wynonie Harris
  25. Louisiana Women by Joe Liggins
Disc 3
  1. Sixty Minute Man by Billy Ward
  2. Can't Do Sixty No More by Billy Ward
  3. Daddy on My Mind by Candy Rivers
  4. Hey Miss Bertha by Ed Barron
  5. Rock Me, Daddy by Laurie Tate
  6. Working With My Baby by Calvin Boze
  7. Lotsa Poppa by Jimmy Rushing
  8. Ride Jickey, Ride by The Lamplighters
  9. My Country Man by Big Maybelle
  10. Slow Down, Baby by Bob Gaddy
  11. Chee Koo Baby by Lloyd Price
  12. I Got Your Boogie by Sarah Dean
  13. Lovin' Machine by Wynonie Harris
  14. She Sets My Soul on Fire by Sonny Parker
  15. That' What the Good Book Say by Bobby Nunn & The Robins
  16. Why Don't You Hall Off and L... by Bull Moose Jackson
  17. Hidin' in the Sticks by Paula Watson
  18. Big Fat Mama by Roy Milton
  19. The Walkin' Blues by Fluffy Hunter
  20. New Way of Lovin' by Billy Wright
  21. I Got Love for Sale by Big Joe Turner
  22. Big 10 - Inch Record by Bull Moose Jackson
  23. Mercy, Mr. Percy by Varetta Dillard
  24. All Shook Out by Mooah
  25. Wasn't That Good by Wynonie Harris
Disc 4
  1. Kissin' Boogie by Beverly Wright
  2. I Ain't Mad At You by Bobby "Mr. Blues" Merrell
  3. Lollypop Mama by Roy Brown
  4. She Lost Her Re - Bop by Annisteen Allen
  5. (I'm A) Natural Born Lover by Unknown
  6. Fine Brown Frame by Nellie Lutcher
  7. Shake It Up And Go by B.B. King
  8. I Got A Secret by Buddy Griffin & Claudia Griffin
  9. It Ain't The Meat by Swallows
  10. Rockin' All Day by Jimmy McCracklin
  11. Keep On Churnin' (Till The B.. by Wynonie Harris
  12. Daddy Daddy by Ruth Brown
  13. When A Woman Loves Her Juice by Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson
  14. Hey Little Girl by Treniers
  15. He's The Best In The Business by Terry Timmons
  16. I Like It Like That by The “5” Royales
  17. I Want A Bowlegged Woman by Bull Moose Jackson
  18. I Love My Baby by H-Bomb Ferguson
  19. Mountain Oysters by Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis
  20. Little Girl Sing Ding A Ling by Dave Bartholomew
  21. I Love To Ride by Paula Watson
  22. Rock With It, Baby by Jimmy Preston
  23. Good Rockin' Man by Roy Brown
  24. All She Wants To Do Is Rock by Wynonie Harris
  25. The Last Of The Good Rocking.. by The Four Jacks

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