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Compilation album by Renard.
  1. RUN LAPFOX~1.EXE by Renard
  2. Take Off and Land 2012 by Kitsune²
  3. A New Day by Renard
  4. Skugg in the Wilderness by Furries in a Blender
  5. Cosmohounds Heart by Darius
  6. Laugh at Life (2K12 EQ) by Furries in a Blender
  7. Joyous Day (2K12 EQ) by Kitsune²
  8. Neverlasting Happiness (2K12 EQ) by Furries in a Blender
  9. 2 Old 2 Sober by Truxton
  10. Last Moment on Earth (2K12 EQ) by Furries in a Blender
  12. I Am Sinistar (2K12 EQ) by Furries in a Blender
  13. Contra Overdrive by Mayhem
  14. Sleepy Eyes (09 Style (2K12 EQ)) by Furries in a Blender
  15. Nasty Future Spacedeath by Kitsune²
  16. Mind Killer by Jackal Queenston
  17. SON OF PRINTER (featuring Darius) by Renard
  18. SHOOTERHOUSE Suite by Renard
  19. You Can't Do This Underwater (2K12 EQ) by Renard
  20. Hell Dive by The Quick Brown Fox
  21. RINSE OUT (2K12 EQ) by Renard
  22. Train Scene by Jackal Queenston
  23. The End (featuring Darius) by Renard
  24. WANDERLUST Reprise (featuring The Quick Brown Fox) by Renard
  25. RED09+RED10+SATYR44 by Aurastys
    Bonus Track:
  26. 2012 LFT MINIMIX by Renard

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