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Album by Renard.
  1. Figurehead (featuring Furries in a Blender) by Rotteen
  2. I Control by Hyi
  3. Break Away (featuring Renard) by Jaql
  4. Wishing Well by Furries in a Blender
  5. Terror by Kitcaliber
  6. Street Railway by Jackal Queenston
  7. Outsider by Rotteen
  8. Doctor Q by Darius
  9. The Last Rave in the Depths of Your Eyes by Furries in a Blender
  10. Humanoid by Mayhem
  11. 9V (featuring Klippa) by Darius
  12. She's an Angel by Renard
  13. Hot One by Kitsune²
  14. Koan by Rotteen
  15. Never Fade by Azrael-II
  16. The Heat by Darius

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