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Compilation album by Renard.
  1. CHNLDiVR by Darius and Rotteen
  2. Vision Through the Feedback by Darius and Rotteen
  3. The Right Place by Emoticon
  4. Forest Spirit Beckons by Darius
  5. McCloud 2015 by Jackal Queenston
  6. Move On by NegaRen
  7. WarDANCE by Eugene
  8. A Language Unspoken by Kitsune²
  9. Ignorant to the Void (Extended Unmixed Edit) by Rotteen
  10. AAAAAA by Renard
  11. Kitchen Dub (featuring Jackal Queenston) by RQ
  12. Glossolalia by The Queenstons
  13. CHNLDiVR (MiX2) by Darius and Rotteen

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