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Deja Vu

This song is by Renaissance.

I thought it was over
I thought I was free of you
Then came deja vu

I thought there's no problem
I saw you had feet of clay
That was yesterday

I find I'm running going nowhere
I find I'm searching every crowd I pass through
Looking for you

Deja vu can really haunt you
Follow and confuse you
Secrets coming back to taunt you
Find you and then lose you
Memories are all you walk through
Yester- deja vu

I thought I was OK
I thought I was in control
I was not involved

I thought there's no hassle
Then I heard our special song
Everything went wrong

I see you standing in the doorway
I walk towards you and I find just shadow
Where did you go?

I remember all the things we used to do together
In the past
Nothing ever seems to last

I wonder if there was some ... something neglected ...
Something left unsaid, hasty words instead

Anything that could go wrong
It seems nothing was ever right
I'm haunted by lost chances past
I call to you in dreams at night
I'm fettered by our yesterday
Tomorrow is a bird in flight
I run to turn another page
And there you are within but out of sight
Our love, a bird in flight

Repeat chorus two times

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