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Who Dares Wins (1988)

René Froger - Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins

  1. Who Dares Wins
  2. See You on Sunday
  3. Winter in America
  4. Amsterdam (My Lady)
  5. No One Can Break a Heart Like You
  6. No Regrets
  7. Love Leave Me
  8. Lady Lay Down
  9. Say the Word
  10. Comin' in and Out of Your Life
  11. Trust a Friend
  12. We're All Alone

Midnight Man (1990)

René Froger - Midnight Man

Midnight Man

  1. Just Say Hello
  2. I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love
  3. Nobody Else
  4. Looks Like I'm Losing You
  5. Old Motown Music
  6. The Love of the Year
  7. Am I Dreaming
  8. If You Leave Me Now
  9. How Will I Survive
  10. I Almost Believed You
  11. I'm a Fool to Want You
  12. All I Have Is My Music

Matters of the Heart (1991)

René Froger - Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

  1. Man With a Mission
  2. Woman, Woman
  3. No Reason in the World
  4. That's What Love Can Do
  5. Kaylee
  6. Still on Your Side
  7. Tears in the Rain
  8. What About You
  9. She's Not You
  10. I Really Had It Coming
  11. Half a World Away

Sweet Hello's & Sad Goodbyes (1992)

René Froger - Sweet Hello's & Sad Goodbyes

Sweet Hello's & Sad Goodbyes

  1. Your Place or Mine
  2. Big Brown Eyes
  3. Moneyhoney
  4. This Is the Moment (Live In Concert)
  5. Winter in America
  6. You're My Everything
  7. Are You Ready for Loving Me
  8. Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken
  9. The Love of the Year
  10. Man With a Mission (Remix '92)
  11. Just Say Hello
  12. Woman, Woman
  13. Nobody Else (Single Remix)
  14. Kaylee (Remix '92)
  15. Still on Your Side
  16. Love Leave Me
  17. How Do I Stop Loving You
  18. Under the Christmas Tree

The Power of Passion (1993)

René Froger - The Power of Passion

The Power of Passion

  1. The Passion Theme (Overture)
  2. Anytime, Anyplace
  3. Lately
  4. Don't Look at Me That Way
  5. Why Are You So Beautiful
  6. Calling Out Your Name (Ruby)
  7. Are You Happy Now
  8. Suite: Love Hurts / You Are Everything
  9. Hollywood Nights
  10. I Remember It Well
  11. I Am a Singer
  12. The Power of Passion (Epilogue)

Walls of Emotion (1994)

René Froger - Walls of Emotion

Walls of Emotion

  1. Walls of Emotion Theme (Prologue)
  2. Thunder in My Heart
  3. I Couldn't Stay Away
  4. For a Date With You
  5. Here in My Heart
  6. Can U Feel It
  7. What a Woman Can Do
  8. Blinded by Your Beauty (Fashion Doll)
  9. Save a Room in Your Heart for Me
  10. Do You Make Love the Way You Look
  11. Why Goodbye
  12. Reprise - Why Goodbye (Epilogue)

Live in Concert (1995)

René Froger - Live in Concert

Live in Concert

Disc 1: The Single Hits
  1. Calling Out Your Name
  2. Just Say Hello
  3. This Is the Moment
  4. Woman Woman
  5. Thunder in My Heart
  6. Love Leave Me
  7. Are You Ready for Loving Me
  8. Kaylee
  9. Nobody Else
  10. Winter in America
  11. Man With a Mission
  12. Here in My Heart
  13. For a Date With You
  14. Why Are You So Beautiful
  15. Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken
  16. I Am a Singer
  17. Your Place or Mine
  18. Why Goodbye
Disc 2: The Concert Hits
  1. I'm Still Standing
  2. Bad Case of Loving You
  3. You Can Leave Your Hat On
  4. Have I Told You Lately
  5. Relight My Fire
  6. If We Only Had Love
  7. Kiss
  8. Could It Be Magic / Mandy
  9. Baker Street
  10. Telkens weer
  11. The Way You Make Me Feel
  12. Jamaica / Fragile
  13. Heartache Tonight
  14. Precious Thing
  15. Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon
  16. You Look Wonderful Tonight
  17. Dancing on the Ceiling
  18. You've Got a Friend

Home Again (1997)

René Froger - Home Again

Home Again

  1. Home Again (Ouverture)
  2. If I Don't Have You
  3. Never Fall in Love
  4. Are you made in heaven
  5. I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore
  6. I Will Show You Mine
  7. I Honestly Love You
  8. Gone Are the Days (The Sequel)
  9. How Do I Love
  10. Lonely Too Long
  11. For The First Time
  12. I (Who Have Nothing)
  13. The Greatest Love We'll Never Know
  14. When Can I See You Again
  15. The End of Everything
  16. The End (Reprise)

Internal Affairs (2001)

René Froger - Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs

  1. Freefall (Here I Am)
  2. Close My Eyes
  3. Love Me Good
  4. The World I Threw Away
  5. Dirty Work
  6. All by Myself / Without You (featuring Daniëlle Mulder)
  7. Please Don't Turn Me On
  8. You'll Never Stand Alone
  9. All I Do
  10. My Father's Son
  11. Why You Follow Me
  12. Goodbye (A Love Triangle) (featuring Glennis Grace and Silvia Samson)

Doe maar gewoon (2007)

René Froger - Doe maar gewoon

Doe maar gewoon

  1. Doe maar gewoon
  2. Daar sta je dan
  3. Ga
  4. Jij moet verder
  5. Vertrouw me maar
  6. 't Is verloren tijd
  7. Je hebt gelogen
  8. Laat me nu met rust
  9. Ik zal altijd op je wachten (with Karin Bloemen)
  10. Laat me alleen
  11. Op zondagmorgen
  12. Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken (Eigen Huis 2007)
  13. Denk aan mij

Other songs

  1. Een Eigen Huis

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