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Walk And Talk It

This song is by Redman.

Reggie, yeah, ho, Gilla House nigga, aha, we on the muthafuckin road and ah... I think my man wanna say sumthin to ya, what's yo name?
Yeah, you already know nigga

I say Redman back up in yo town homeboy, I'm still more guttier than Almond Joy, dcoy by my side k shots I ride, I'm like the president, catch me on Foxy 5 PIPMIN, V.I.P no I D.I.P. state your state like G Ali, hit the streets like Wii and the PS3, somebody getting shot for the CD ali, beep beep, G ride on the Eastcoast then a rob like dirty block of 4 calito, freeto, true to your mind, no time to run, jus' hope I miss like Shaq from the line, 'cause fuckin' with mine you're way off track, you're outdated like curls and shower cats, Redman badge yeah my name ring bells, get on your blackberry and email

Walk like a nigga, talk like a pimp x8

We on the world tour with rock da bellz Redman, Rakewon and Smith and Wes, Supernat where you at, DJ Cool where you at, yeah! X2

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