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Soopaman Luva 5 (Part II)

This song is by Redman and appears on the album Malpractice (2001).

Aiyyo yo fuck that!
Aiyyo I gotta find my motherfuckin mojo
Aiyyo Reggie Noble, aiyyo Reggie Noble c'mere nigga!
Aiyyo start it off while I tell you how it went down

Yo, yo
Put the drop down, get your smoke on
Get your feel on, are you feeling?
Get your girl on, get your squeeze on
Get your bus on, are you chilling?
Are you wheeling, are you feeling?
How you feeling? And we gon' hoo-ooh-ooh
(Tell me what you doin')

C'mon, yo yo-yo yo, yo yo
I had to put the mash down, throw the cash around
Stay focused, on the case put the hash down
Jetted through the air about five miles per hour
My mojo gone I can't fly like I wanna
But this case is easy, find that motherfucker that
Couldn't wait to be me, put his face on TV
From the tec blow, I asked my ex-hoes
Pass off some info for a pair of X.O.'s
Write the check low, I don't do that
I told you that shit before when I boned your back
Now I'm back to square one, and everybody hatin'
So I popped the flare gun, now they all escapin
Ran into Gator, from Jungle Fever
He's my people and my neighbor, I said I need a favor
He said for ten dollars, and for ten Whoppers
From Burger King, I'll tell you the nigga who gotcha
Gave him what he wanted plus the extra large fry

He said blue eyes, blonde hair, a white guy
I said... what the fuck goin' on?
A white guy interruptin my fuck flowin on?
So I copped some new ammo, reloaded my flare gun
Stalkin like Rambo, mixed with Commando
Gator pushed the ten-speed bike, I'm on the handle
Crashed into somethin' 'cause he high off my man blow
I jumped up and backtracked myself
Who's the last hoe I fucked or throat I cut?
I said wait a minute, yo, that bitch Jane on the prowl again
I bet she up to no good, actin' foul again
Yeah, yeah, it ain't nuttin, I get her if I want her
Matter of fact I'm gonna 'cause she live around the corner
I walked up scared with my hands on my flares and my armor
'Cause she bring drama like Jeffrey Dahmer
But I heard fuckin' all the way from the bottom
I'm like, damn she yellin'! Kinda made me jealous
Knocked on the door enraged
Like a broke-ass rapper, at a label that ain't toured in days
Do it clown, before I count to four now
'Cause if I hit five them flares'll blow your door down
I heard the zipper zip up, and they was tryin' to run
So I re-clipped the clip up, and blew it before one
FREEZE MOTHERF**KERS, I jumped on Jane back
We tusslin, fightin, bitin skin and rustlin
Slaps in the face, chokes with the belt buckle and
Her knees bucklin, I thought to myself
"Where's that motherfuckin white guy she was fuckin'?" then
Right out the blue {*CLANG!*} Owww! {*birds chirpin*}
Who dat? Who dere?

... (This program will be continued)

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