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Let's Go

This song is by Redman.

Yeah... Gilla House... {*laughing*} Brick Mob
Gotti click, bitch!
(You already know nigga) What you about to hear
Can be devastating to yo' ear {*fades out*} (Ha ha!)

(Redman - talking)
(Let's go, yo!) You know the deal muh'fucker!
(Let's go, yo!) You know when Gilla niggaz is in the building man
(Let's go, yo!) You know how we gotta do it nigga
(Let's go, yo!) You know the deal muh'fucker!

(Let's go, yo!) I got my hand on the pump
(Let's go, yo!) I gotta fist full of funk
My blunt got the green chunks, new from the jump
The duke is hazardous, Boss Hog number one
Reach out touch someone, not Atlantic belle
Red lost his mind in Africa with Chappelle
Never pump his brakes, when a chick wan' tell
I "clip her," then give her weed that "Sam can sell"
I'm fly, apicnell, trips on Pan-am
On the shotgun, the hammer, kick like Van Dam
I am what I am, Popeye, black eye
Take a hood chick that love Biggie that's cockeyed
Blah! Blah! You can bring the blue suits in
I still +Takeover+ like two on the +Blueprint+
On my car, you see this guy with a roof big
Another thick chick with ass about 210!
Yeah, I don't make threats, I promise
I'm still the shit, even if Flex don't bomb it
And then my neck vomit, spit heat that spit narcotics
You wrapped up like Islamics
Get it poppin' like pyros in the hood
Stash the weed from 5-0 in the wood
I got dried clothes in the mud
I'm dirty, R-rated, yeah I'm the bro with the pud

(Let's go, yo!) Chick know it's time to leave
(Let's go, yo!) Gotta go and grab my keys
(Let's go, yo!) Chick tryna steal my weed
(Let's go, yo!) "It's about to change out here!"
(Let's go, yo!) "Yo, yo, yo, yo"
(Let's go, yo!)

Yo, you thought you won two, but you just lost one
Got Patron on my dome, thick chicks in the trunk
I'm in the streets like Little Zane in the slum
I'm the "Best Man" like Taye Diggs on the drum
I'm from... Brick City, be on the lookout
We roll deep like the Wayans, dead at your cookout
"Woo zah!" "Bad Boy," Mama Duke pushed out
Told Def Jam, watch the plan that I put down
Gilla House! Testicle, one, two
Check here, and it's no question what I'm gon' do
I'm in ya Harlem Nights with Dominique Peru
Drunk as hell, gettin' head at the comedy review
I, stay around the corner from Park Hill
I ain't hard to find, but I'm sure hard to kill
Say "party over here!" Watch the truck rail
Only dude with H.B.O. on my windshield
I "chillll," like E and P makin' dollars
The L's that I roll, the size of Godfathers
E'rybody know your click but I'm live-er
I'm drunk off liquor, bitch so I'm drivin'

Redman is in the heezay
Packer, get that Green Bay up off E-Bay
I moved up like George and Weezay, greasy
Sent ya wifebeater, B.K. for a cheesecake
D.J., spin it back one time {*d.j. spins it back*}
Yeah, "Mami say, mami sai, mami macho sai"
I supply the real shit when hip-hop go dry
Mexicans love the way that the vodto rhyme
How to stay with the pen since Picasso died
Twenty six on the tie, fitted, white tee
Hit the hood like... nighttime with free minutes
Ho! Back up in this bitch like whoa
They just started a fight on the main flo'

(Chorus) - repeat 2X

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