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Dr. Trevis (Intro)

This song is by Redman and appears on the album Mudface (2015).

Hahaha, I waited a long time for this moment to come
Hey piece of shit, pass me the scalpel
Yes, master
It's almost done, check his vitals
I said, Piece of Shit, check his vitals
Yes, master
The vitals are dead, sir (Aww)
Oh wait, he's got a pulse (Yes)
I think you have to give him mouth to mouth, sir
Shit, that nigga'd died if I have to give him mouth to mouth
There's only one thing for us to do, Piece of Shit
We gonna have to hit this motherfucker with everything we got
Everything, master?
But that could kill him
I know but fuck it
On the count of nine, you ready?

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