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We Get It On

This song is by Red Café and appears on the album Above the Cloudz (2011).

Red Café. All aboard
Omarion. Top flight
Look baby, we do this every weekend. Let's go

Million dollar deals I'm involved in
Girls come and go
Them doors is revolving
Baby you fine like the wine in my cellar
Now I got her wet, can't find a umbrella
Ow, so fly, elevated
Everything Louie Vuittan
Taylor made it
In about a year
You look hella good on me
It's our anniversary
Tony Toni Tone (What else?)

Ayye Ayye, Ayye Ayye
We just got inside and now that s*** is jumpin' like...
Ayye Ayye, Ayye Ayye
Feet all on the couch and now I'm sippin somethin'
We wrong, we wrong, we wrong, we wrong
If you got some pretty friends we gon bring 'em all
You know, you know, you know, you know
This is how we get it on
Ayye Ayee

Bet I can read your mind
I hope you redesign
All of that bulls***
That he put in your mind
This is a lot of work
Meet me in the middle
Make it worth it baby
You know I'm so official

Don't be dealin' with them scrubs tonight (tonight, tonight)
Get wit a boss
You need a thug in yo life (yo life. yo life)

Real winners gonna throw the cash on ya ass
I would like to put my autograph on ya ass
Go deep till you feel it
Every night ima kill it
And cut it, no scissors
Get familiar wit the realest (ah)
Them planes be charted
I'm all over the web and I ain't Peter Parker
Motion pictures
Somethin' to move ya body on
The soundtrack be provided by Omarion

What else?
Look mama a fashion executive
If she ain't Miss America then she her relative
She kill 'em everyday
Hatin' hoes sheddin tears
And that new 'Rari automatically switch gears
Why sell, endorse her
Let her tell it
Platinum in the very 1st week
Let her sell it
What her zodiac?
Lil mama a cover girl
You wit the money team
We live in another world

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