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This song is by Ray Wylie Hubbard and appears on the album Snake Farm (2006).

God smiles and lights a cigarette
And says "There are some souls I ain't gonna get
I'd take all the little critters if I could
But some are to smart for their own damn good
They don't even believe I'm here
They ain't seen where I've been
Every once in a while I hear one say
Get me out of this I'll never do it again"

All it takes is some grains of faith
And a few kilowatts of sweat and grace
All it takes is some grains of faith
And a few kilowatts of sweat and grace

Mama's been casting spells and such
Lining them up to get their fortunes told
She's been doing this for a while
I wouldn't go so far as to call her old
I saw her break a hex one time
Said all that glitters is not gold
Then she took a diamond ring
And threw it down a crawdad hole and said

Lucinda's been laying down on the job
That's a hard way to make some money
Say's "Here I am in the USA"
"I ain't seen no milk and honey"
All I seen is tattooed hands
Waving up wadded dollar bills
Maybe I oughta' get redeemed
It's getting to where I can't buy a thrill

God coughs and puts out the cigarette
And says what's this got to do with you
It's hard to get a rascals attention
I keep raising the stakes until I do
Death kind of puts a damper on things
So you might want to remember this
See yourself as you would like to be
Then he winds his watch and he blows me a kiss and says


Written by:

Ray Wylie Hubbard

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