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The Jealous Kind

This song is by Ray Charles and appears on the compilation album The Definitive Ray Charles (2000).

Girl, don't be angry if I seem rude each time we meet
Someone that you once knew, that you say used to be so close to you
It's just that I'm so afraid someone might steel you away, girl, and I'd loose my mind
So please forgive me for the way I act sometimes 'cause I'm the jealous kind.

It was all right when I first met you girl I didn't mind
But now the things have changed you know I'm not the same and now I find
I want you all to myself I don't wanna share you with nobody else
And I can'a help it if I... I sometime cry 'cause I'm the jealous kind.

Oh baby, Oh... I love you woi¡man, that's all I can do, understand me.

Baby, let me say one more thing to you...
If you only knew how much it hurts me just to hear you say
How you can't forget that before we met those were the good old days
Why must you hurt me so I can't stand it no more and I'm really trying
Girl I just can't control, these tears from my eyes! Yes, I'm the jealous kind

You know it, I know you know it... You got me, I'm all yours, yes I am...
One more thing, just don't hurt me little girl, please don't hurt me baby...
All night long you got me crying in my pillow...
I just can't cry no more...

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