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This song is by Rasheed and appears on the album Let The Games Begin (2000).

(Feat. Grimm, Russell Lee)

(Chorus: Russell Lee)
This is my passion
You know a playa like me is always ready for action
Singin' a child of the ghetto and I'm known for blastin
And won't quit till I get my satisfaction my satisfactio

(Verse 1: Rasheed)
I get the rush on the stage
From the words I put on the page
Lions in the cage
Rippin up in a criminal rage
Hot we passionate dashin inside the ghetto maze
Shinin like Uranus
Bring sun to you on rainy days
Ways of the wise don't kill the messenger before the message
You know me Rasheed from Philly to the Houston, Texas
Californi-A got a team in the bay L.A.
We universal
Still buildin our circle sendin soldiers
Out in full dispersal
Hot hot meet the eye of the storm in human form
Ring the alarm swarmin with this wicked storm
Bede bede bing yiiiii that's how I bust em
No discussion or repercussion rush little mudafuckin crushin
Blood in my body
Sweaty tears give a nigga spasms
Make the average female listen to close and have a orgasm
I have 'em by the tens of thousands lightin my fire
'Cause livin' through me they feel the passion of my desire

(Chorus: Russell Lee)

(Verse 2: Grimm)
I walk with my feet on the street
The beats gonna keep my lyrics complete
My philosophy the block gone bleed
But is you hearin the G-R-I double M
Violin brown
Recluse the spider Grimm
I an him the ryhmin twin shadows on my mind again
Find a pen thoughts in a poetic perspective
Effective word defective
Know every line is dissected
Rhyme and respected
Stay connected
The matrix is my guide
Immortalized by words on Earth
I keep my faith in God
Crazy inferno flame so much affection
Mental erection
Melodies take me like a demon hat's under possession
Hot we heated like them boys in the prison institution
With a appetite for freedom who gonna light them fuses
Abusin everything
I love till I reach the greatest ultimatum extraordinary
But on the contrary
Countin' my blessings with the skills to give these verbal lessons
Keep my focus never sell out make maneuvers with discretion

(Chorus: Russell Lee)

(Verse 3: Rasheed)
In the Dope House you know is where we makin' our moves
Please don't hate us 'cause we blowin' up like hot air balloons
Everybody in the studio we puttin' it down
Rasheed, Grimm, and I
We won't quit to the day we die
And we try to abide by the rules of the game
And we hide when we ride fuck the bitches and the fame
All about my cash flow you betta move over we in the fast
Ain't gonna stop till we get the thousand plaques maan
So many fallen off 'cause they wasn't real to the heart
Gotta keep it as true as I can from the movie screen to the rappin' art
Apart of the chosen few showin you how it really is
Really don't matta how you do it just go pursue kid
Great minds settin a trend for my generation
Bottom up that's how I'm buildin my foundation
I have 'em to the tens of thousands lightin my fire
Cause livin' through me they feelin' the passion of my desire

(Chorus: Russell Lee)

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