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Album by Randy Stonehill.
  1. One True Love
  2. Through A Glass Darkly
  3. Teen King
  4. The Great American Cure
  5. Venezuela
  6. Counterfeit King
  7. Jamey's Got The Blues
  8. Bad Fruit
  9. Emily
  10. Trouble Coming
Bonus Tracks Available on 1994 Re-Issue
  1. Counterfeit King (Alternate Mix)
  2. Teen King (Alternate Mix)
  3. Postcards From The Heart (Letter To My Family)
  4. King Of Hearts (Orchestral Version)
  5. Good News (Live From Greenbelt)



  • Randy Stonehill - Lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonies
  • Larry Norman - Harmonies, piano, marimba, harmonica, koto, electric and acoustic guitars, autoharp, steel drums, bass
  • Tom Howard - Piano, moog, orchestration, keyboards
  • Alex MacDougall - Drums and percussion
  • Jon Linn - Electric guitars, slide guitar, volume control guitars
  • Dave Coy - Bass
  • Bill Batstone - Bass
  • Peter Johnson - drums
  • Background vocals by Larry Norman and Sarah Finch

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