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Don't Break Down

This song is by Randy Stonehill and appears on the album Can't Buy A Miracle (1988).

Don't break down when the sky grows dark all around your heart,
Don't break down, let the love that's burning throw the spark, baby,
Wash your face, put on your shoes and take a walk down any street,
You never know who you will meet,
Maybe someone just like you, someone who's been lonely too,
A friend who could be found, so don't break down.

Hey, hey, yeah,
Come on, baby,
Don't break down,

Don't break down, and you have a chance - you must try to take it,
Don't break down, so you've got the blues - you must try to shake it,
This world can bring you to your knees and people can be so cold,
Don't let the sadness make you old,
Tears you cry in the night shine like jewels in the morning light,
You can turn this thing around.

Oh, baby,
Hey, don't break down.

Well, your heart may be aching, but something is waking in you,
Hey, babe, hey, baby, don't break down, no, no.

Don't break down - there's a dream inside, don't you let it die now,
Don't break down - have a little faith and your hope can fly,
Wash your face, put on your shoes, because the day is heaven sent,
Live your life in present tense,
There's a treasure here for you and now you can know it's true,
A friend who could be found, so don't break down.

Come on, baby,
I said... I said don't break down,
Yeah, yeah,
Oh well, come on, baby,
Come on, baby,
And don't break down,
Get 'em out, that's right.

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