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Can Hell Burn Hot Enough

This song is by Randy Stonehill and appears on the album Until We Have Wings (1990).

Postcards from bangkok
Hub of the eastern world
Where all the tourists come
To party with the pretty girls
They dance like sleepwalkers
Under the disco lights
Up on the auction block
Hating all the hungry eyes

And I've seen the wooden shacks
Row after endless row
Where open sewage flows
In the shadow of the factory
I've seen the children's faces
Hope burning in their eyes
Too young to realize
They face a life of misery

Can hell burn hot enough
To pay for all this suffering
The murder of the innocent
Can hell burn hot enough
To balance out these scales
Can hell burn hot enough

I've seen the corporations
Built upon human blood
The nameless, faceless workers
Crushed like diamonds in the mud
Expand your operation
The labor comes dirt cheap
No one complains when there's
A million jobless on the street

And I've seen the sick and broken
Too weak for standing up
Hold up their beggar's cup
Just hoping for enough to eat
When just around the corner
At the shangri-la hotel
The wealthy take their lunch
At poolside to escape the heat

O god of justice
My god of equity
I know your heart breaks
For the sins of this wicked world
I know that judgement will be swift and irreversible
Till then your tears rain
On the evil and the good

I know that god is holy
I know that state I'm in
I know that sin is sin
And it's not measured by degree
Here in the land of darkness
We all are guilty men
I know I'd stand condemned
Without the blood of Jesus

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