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Too Little In Common

This song is by Randy Brown and appears on the album Welcome To My Room (1978).

(Lyrics crafted by Legusta Hathorn)

I don't know whether,
I should be happy or sad.
Should I break down and cry,
Or should I smile and be glad?
I love you,
But we just can't get along.
Would leaving you be right?
Would staying be wrong?
Heaven knows, it's hard to walk away yeah, yeah, yeah!
And God knows, it ain't easy to stay!
When there's, (too little)
Too little in common,
(To be lovers)
To be lovers.
(Too much)
And there's too much going, going
(To say goodbye)
Oh to say goodbye.

Physically we're together,
But mentally we're apart.
The fussing and fighting starts,
As soon as the love-making stops, say hey.
If you were me, tell me what would you do.
She's too difficult to understand,
And far too precious to lose!
Would you hang on in there,
And try, and try to make the best of it?
Or would you throw up both of your hands,
And just call it quit?
(Too little, in common)
Too little, in common
(To be lovers)
To be lovers,
(Too much)
And there too much going, going
(To say good bye)
Oh to say goodbye, can't say bye
I can't say bye baby, no no.
(Too much, in common)
(To be lovers)
To be lovers!
(Too much)
And there too much going going,
(To say goodbye)
Oh to say goodbye, say goodbye.
Bye baby!

I don't wanna say goodbye baby,
No no no no.
We got too much going, going
(To say goodbye)
I don't want you to cry.

How can you love me so good, so good,
And turn around and make me feel so bad, baby!
How can you make me so happy,
And turn right around and make me feel so sad!
So sad baby,
Oh oh ooh!
I don't know what to do!
No no, no no.
I know I love you.

(Too little in common, to be lovers)
There's too much going, going,
I don' t wanna say good bye!
Sometimes, sometimes I wanna to leave!
Sometimes, sometimes I wanna stay baby!
Hey hey, hey hey!
I love you, I love you from the bottom of my heart!
We can't get along!
I don't understand it baby!
I don't understand it!
Oh I, I love you, I love you baby, I love you!
Oh I don't want to see us part now,
No no no no
Baby I need you,
You're part of my heart!
Too little in common,
To be lovers, well well.
And there's too much going going,
Oh to say goodbye, to say goodbye.
I don't know whether to stay, or leave you baby

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