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The Guide To Outrageous Drinkin'

This song is by Randy and appears on the album There's No Way We're Gonna Fit In (1994).

I know you well, like the contest in my pocket
Still feel your shell, your still around here
When you left I closed the door and locked it
Did not protest because you know its just fair
I don't mind if you waste away your life
Maybe you got something I have never seen, Maybe all you've got is nothing, Maybe you have been to places I have never been, Maybe all you you've seen is nothing
You keep coming back but you don't seem to get it
I'm fucking fed you're the only one to blame
Ain't your friend so take you're lies and shove it
Said you're changed but turned out just the same
Your reasons, explanation not excuse
Maybe you know something I have never dreamed maybe all you got is nothing

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