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T-Minus Five Seconds

This song is by Randy and appears on the album There's No Way We're Gonna Fit In (1994).

The male behaviour when it comes to women and to sex, is somewhere between a gorilla and
The masquline introspection as superiour till demise is a denial of the weakness in the sex and fucking lies.
Don't you think they are frightened by the pressure?
Do you think they are building bombs for pleasure.
Its just to keep the people in there places, its just to make sure to do what they say.
Men of respect is affraid that this world will be feminizised, decategorized, classless and too free.
If it gets to close than who know what they will do?
T-minus five seconds left to live for you.
Its just to increase there own sexroles unlike punks they don't have balls.

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