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This song is by Randy and appears on the EP Ska (1994).

Some people tries to tell me that I'm to blind to see, but they don't know nothing, nothing about me. yeah, I'm a lazy person and it may seem like I don't care, but io really wanna make things better, better everywhere.It's like a permanent headache, a claim that I can't stake a feebleness so total it makes everything the same. and when I'm out of hopes and dreams there's nothing left of me just a empty shell and a sould full of grief. I don't need their bullshit and I don't need their fear I don't need their system, I don't wanna end up here. I won't walk on blindly on their narrow, stupid path, I'm waiting and I had enough of this shit I need a dream that lasts, not a ... one thing I'm sure of, I don't wanna work it seems so stupid to me, to do something I hate so much I wanna enjoy the little time that I got. it makes the same what I think and what I say nobody listens anyway

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