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Rage Against the Machine (1992)

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against the Machine

  1. Bombtrack
  2. Killing in the Name
  3. Take the Power Back
  4. Settle for Nothing
  5. Bullet in the Head
  6. Know Your Enemy
  7. Wake Up
  8. Fistful of Steel
  9. Township Rebellion
  10. Freedom

Evil Empire (1996)

Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire

Evil Empire

  1. People of the Sun
  2. Bulls on Parade
  3. Vietnow
  4. Revolver
  5. Snake Charmer
  6. Tire Me
  7. Down Rodeo
  8. Without a Face
  9. Wind Below
  10. Roll Right
  11. Year of Tha Boomerang

No Shelter (1998) (Single)

Rage Against The Machine - No Shelter

No Shelter

  1. No Shelter

Live & Rare (1998)

Rage against the Machine Live and rare

Live & Rare

  1. Bullet in the Head (Live)
  2. Settle for Nothing (Live)
  3. Bombtrack (Live)
  4. Take the Power Back (Live)
  5. Freedom (Live)
  6. Intro (Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos) (Live) (with Chuck D from Public Enemy)
  7. Zapata's Blood (Live)
  8. Without a Face (Live)
  9. Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox (Live)
  10. Fuck tha Police (Live) (cover of "Fuck tha Police" by N.W.A)
  11. Darkness
  12. Clear the Lane
  13. The Ghost of Tom Joad

The Battle of Los Angeles (1999)

Rage Against The Machine - The Battle Of Los Angeles

The Battle of Los Angeles

  1. Testify
  2. Guerrilla Radio
  3. Calm Like a Bomb
  4. Mic Check
  5. Sleep Now in the Fire
  6. Born of a Broken Man
  7. Born as Ghosts
  8. Maria
  9. Voice of the Voiceless
  10. New Millenium Homes
  11. Ashes in the Fall
  12. War Within a Breath

Renegades (2000)

Rage Against The Machine - Renegades


  1. Microphone Fiend
  2. Pistol Grip Pump
  3. Kick Out the Jams
  4. Renegades of Funk
  5. Beautiful World
  6. I'm Housin'
  7. In My Eyes
  8. How I Could Just Kill a Man
  9. The Ghost of Tom Joad
  10. Down on the Street
  11. Street Fighting Man
  12. Maggie's Farm
  13. Kick Out the Jams (Live)
  14. How I Could Just Kill a Man (with Cypress Hill)

Songs from Demos, Live Performances, Soundtracks and Videos


These songs appeared on a 1991 demo tape

  1. Autologic
  2. Darkness of Greed
  3. Mindset's a Threat
  4. The Narrows

This song remains uncredited

  1. Tammy (Fat Bitch Remix)
Live Songs
  1. Clampdown (Performed in 1991 in Northridge, CA)
  2. Producer / Fall From the Grace of the People (Performed in 1994 in Landgraaf, Netherlands)
  1. Year of Tha Boomerang (from the soundtrack for Higher Learning)
  2. You Can't Kill the Revolution (featuring Tool) (from Judgment Night Soundtrack (1993) Wikipedia16)
Video Clips

Appeared on a 1997 video

  1. Memory of the Dead (Poem Recitation)

Songs on Bootlegs

  1. Take It Out on Me
  2. I'll Wait There for You
  3. Vision Turned to Gold
  4. Gasoline
  5. Get Yourself a Car
  6. The Last Remaining Light
  7. Light My Way

Other Songs

  1. Cia
  2. If You're Free
  3. Live In Silence
  4. Mumia 911
  5. Renegades
  6. Snoop Bounce
  7. The Last Emperor

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