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Sleep Song

This song is by Raffi and appears on the album Good Luck Boy (1975).

Maybe it's the time of year
Summer's still waiting to call
Winter's somehow left behind
Can't make up its mind
And everything you believe in
Comes tumbling down

Instead of sleeping you'll be staying up all night
Lying awake all day
Hoping that everything will be alright
But your body don't work that way

And so you say you're always on the losing end
Feeling lost in a crowd
But you're lonely when you're by yourself
Maybe that's just as well
'Cause you can't always count on someone
To lend a helping hand

Sometimes when I get feeling low
Wondering why this world would treat me this way
I think of people and places that make me smile
And it don't matter how you hard you try
You can't hold the world on your shoulders, no
You could say we're all doing our best to get by

Only fools could promise you good times
But I can only try to put things right
So dim the lights, pull the shades
Maybe we both could get some sleep tonight


Written by:

Robert Armes (1972)


  • Raffi - Guitar
  • Curly Boy Stubbs - 2nd Guitar
  • Gene Fablo - Electric Bass
  • Bill Usher - Drums

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