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Live It

This song is by Raekwon.

I deserve to play, it's been a few days, ain't showed it all
I go outside and breathe, roll down my sleeves and have a ball
Still got these bills to pay and a family, I'm workin' hard
But I got a life too, so I throw on my shoes and I live it y'all

I'm fresher than a peppermint and cold as a cough
When I pull up in that foreign and I break boys off
Super ballin' is a product of a hard knock life
No more Ramen noddles bread, no more struggle and strife
From a Buick to a Beamer, ambitions of a dreamer
Motivated by Mob Figaz and Andre Nickatina
I'm gettin' paper while you're in the shade drinkin' Zima
I'm a schemer, you just waitin' on your check from FEMA
Been evadin' the subpoena to appear in court
Different hustle every season like I'm playin' a sport
"Life is Too short, wouldn't you agree?"
See, the best time I ever had in my life was free
My best friend wasn't real, he came with a fee
Reduced time for your sentence come with a plea
Livin' in the free world and I'm blessed
Paper chasin' is my quest, I grind with no rest

I'm not a actor, a role model with soul or clapper
I work hard, a good gangsta nigga, blow a stack up
Time still movin' and shit, stay on the grind, it's just excuses
Girls lookin' at you, you useless (word?)
When everything is wrong, it look like it'll fall
I'm on the job feet first with direction and all
I like coca and then gotta come home and stroke her

Take time, clean my rims and go lock' her
Just wanna lay up, damn
I need two minutes to rest, go 'head and take the Lex' out, scram
Then it's beef in the jump off, 'cause I needed one off
It's like you drew your gun on me in a gun off
Shit won't change, so move with it (move with it)
This is my life, I'm only livin' it, so don't go and ruin it
Words from a legend, keep your dome up in the sky
Listen to Paul Wall and Chef Fly (get high)

Dear Mr. President, have you seen FEMA?
Have you seen the Lord 9th Ward, post Katrina?
Niggaz scufflin' tryin' to find something tangible
The impedes is treatin' all the youth like animals
Then wonder why the cops gettin' rocked like Mosley
Why niggaz on the TV in the spot like cozy
Now Houston got a problem, Atlanta got a problem
Dallas, Alabama and Miami got a problem
Niggaz wildin' out, livin free, yellin' sovereign
.38 revolvin', crack rock ballin
Tats on they face that say Uptown New Orleans
Blastin' on sight, fuck fightin', fuck arguin'
Meanwhile boat loads of cash go to Israel
Soldiers in Iraq pray to God for a miracle
Sam Cooke said that change was comin'
If not, you can bet your ass, danger's comin'

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