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Del Rio, TX 1959

Radney Foster - Del Rio, TX 1959

Del Rio, TX 1959

  1. Just Call Me Lonesome
  2. Don't Say Goodbye
  3. Easier Said Than Done
  4. A Fine Line
  5. Went For A Ride
  6. Nobody Wins
  7. Louisiana Blue
  8. Closing Time
  9. Hammer And Nails
  10. Old Silver

Labor Of Love (1995)

Radney Foster - Labor of Love

Labor of Love

  1. Willin' To Walk
  2. Labor Of Love
  3. My Whole Wide World
  4. Never Say Die
  5. Jesse's Soul
  6. Everybody Gets The Blues
  7. If It Were Me
  8. Broke Down
  9. Precious Pearl
  10. Last Chance For Love
  11. Walkin' Talkin' Woman
  12. Making It Up As I Go

See What You Want To See (1999)

Radney Foster - See What You Want to See

See What You Want to See

  1. I've Got A Picture
  2. I'm In
  3. Raining On Sunday
  4. Folding Money
  5. Angry Heart
  6. The Kiss
  7. You Were So Right
  8. God Knows When
  9. The Lucky Ones
  10. Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)

Are You Ready For the Big Show? (2001)

Radney Foster - Are You Ready for the Big Show-

Are You Ready For the Big Show?

  1. Are You Ready for the Big Show?
  2. Tonight
  3. God Knows When
  4. Just Call Me Lonesome
  5. Something Stupid
  6. School Of Hard Knocks
  7. Intro To Went For A Ride
  8. Went For A Ride
  9. I'm Used To It
  10. Folding Money
  11. Leaning On What Love Can Do
  12. How You Play The Hand
  13. Nobody Wins
  14. We Know Better
  15. I'm In
  16. Texas In 1880
  17. Tonight

Another Way To Go (2002)

Radney Foster - Another Way to Go

Another Way To Go

  1. A Real Fine Place To Start
  2. Everday Angel
  3. Again
  4. Sure Feels Right
  5. Disappointing You
  6. I Got What You Need
  7. Tired Of Pretending
  8. What Is It That You Do
  9. Scary Old World
  10. Love Had Something To Say About It
  11. What Are We Doing Here Tonight
  12. Just Sit Still
  13. Another Way To Go

This World We Live In (2006)

Radney Foster - This World We Live In

This World We Live In

  1. Drunk On Love
  2. Sweet And Wild
  3. The Kindness Of Strangers
  4. Big Idea
  5. Half of my Mistakes
  6. New Zip Code
  7. I Won't Lie To You
  8. Prove Me Right
  9. Fools that Dream
  10. Never Gonna Fly

And Then There's Me (The Back Porch Sessions) (2006)

Radney Foster - And Then There's Me (The Back Porch Sessions)

And Then There's Me (The Back Porch Sessions)

  1. Figure It Out
  2. Never Gonna Fly
  3. Half of my Mistakes
  4. Forever Is Over (Bourbon And Branch Water)
  5. And Then There's Me
  6. If You Can't Be Good (Be Lucky)
  7. Little Babies Like To Suck On Their Toes
  8. Fools That Dream
  9. Easier Said Than Done
  10. Making It Up As I Go Along
  11. GodSpeed

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  1. Breaking News
  2. Crazy Over You
  3. The Rainbow Down The Road
  4. The Running Kind

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