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Barbed Wire

This song is by Rachael Sage and appears on the album Blue Roses (2014).

This time when you came around
I only wanted to break you down
I only wanted to watch you come apart

This time when you came to call
I only wanted your guard to fall
I only wanted to shake your hidden heart

Can you blame me, would you shame me I'm so
Sick and tired of all this waiting
Save me or disengage me I'm undignified
By all this ambivalence holding me back like barbed wire

Last night when you took my hand
I only wanted to be quicksand
I only wanted to drown you with desire

Last night when you touched my cheek
I only wanted to hear you speak
As tears fell down like liquid wildfire

Is your kiss a dangerous tempestuous twister
Are your eyes the howling wind or just a drafty door

(Repeat 1st verse and 1st chorus)

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