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I'm A Beast

This song is by R. Kelly.

A... a... a so get understood bot I am from the hood boy came up from the dirt selfmade hustler I'm a beast I'm a beast

I'm surrounded by all these devil mouths they talkin' about kells some say I came from heaven but I rose up from hell and every since I rose up success has been my cell some caller hits my lawyer 'cause they got me out on bail never been a snicth boy never been a bitch boy why I got to hat on you look at me I'm rich boy you need a sten wheel the way you riden my dick boy say yous a go getta go get your own shit boy what it's gone take for you mutherfuckers to understand I'm a r@b boss kells think he a rapper naaw bitch I'm jus tryin' to get my point across niggas hatin' on niggas man y'all no y'all keep up that's why when it comes to these hits I'm gone keep up shit keep risin' to the top keep gettin' that money keep laughin' at you clowns cause you clowns is funny I've been gridin for 17 years tryin' to keep the piece but now you mutherfuckers done brought out the beast

So get it understood boy I am from the hood boy came up from the dirt selfmade hustler I'm a beast I'm a beast

When I was youg all my dreams seem so far comin' up was hard now I'm a rock star cause all I do is rock bars I stays on fire just look at the cars you need a hit from kells all right my nigga no prob I'm clean but dirt I'm good but I'm the worst I'm last and I first I'm blessed and I'm curst but my carrer is sorin while my life is a hot mess but the depth of y stuggle determins the height of my success I believe that wat ever billion dollars tryin' to see that wat ever billion I'm be still askin were the weed at hit lots of clubs take lots of shots of patron hold my middle finger up and tell haters to get the fuck on stay shinnen boy stay grinden boy keep these fine ass bitches stright eyen me bot now where you gone hear a better name 17 years in the game still continuan to make it rain puttin' these folls to shame I'm a beast

Wait a min. wait a min I got more to say bitch you ain't goin' no where y'all smile in my face and talk shit in back of me I got the ball I'm tryin' to shot but y'all niggas keep hackin me could it be that I'm a king cause r@b been good to me or could it be that us a lame that hate the game and can't beat me I use to rep the chi but now I no my worth I still rep the chi but earth is my curst nigga I been around the world trown bitches around the world hered roomers round the world still I'm tourin round the world talk about me on your records to make your better play it backwards it probabyly say kells is the coolist ever so don't think these is a song it's a taste of my raft back to your nevous nigga I got a dick and a half I'm a beast

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