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Huh What?

This song is by Quo.

Which be so funky I can smell it
So give me da mic ill come and ryhme o what's the time for sum action
So keep yo place in the back son
Instead of da tune of da wicked ryhme I got dis slime
Drippin out my nose while I find
A place of dis fate and juss swat
In the ill po-si-tion
So check the 94 edition
Teaming up with the funk da 5 freak of him// to stop my hand
I'm runnin' up in 2 move ya fans
I ran wit da ball like emmit DRUG DEALIN'
And like julius dere ain't no sellin
But not on da court its... its 'cause of da mic dat I slam
'Cause I'm da man (uh) yes I'm da man (yeah)
East coast westcoast rippin it up (dats right)
And aLLL you can say is what WHAT?

Huh what (repeat)

(Syco smoov second verse)

Q U O ENTERIN the syco restin it too
I'm bout 2 blow up juss like a balloon
I'm goin' on a psycadelic smoove expedition
I'm fishin of my favorite ryhmes dat they missin'
Drop mad skills up on da track// u know its AYO phat
Espirated rhymes is uh fast
I make ya wanna bust out loud//and juss owww
I blow out steam like at da loops
I got more more juice than 2pac
I'm keepin' my head up I WONT LET UP
U got my back for da ssset up
Because da punks I made ya list// I go with my with my feelings
Dats da proper tellings
U get squashed flat like the pancakes// patty cake baker
Droppin' phat funk for ya fakaz
I got my soul the soul of factories//'my name da k r s but I do white poetry
Respect in sydney I don't front
So get da hook YEA

Break: OWWW run to da beat y'all (to da beat)
To da mother funky beat y'all (to da beat)
Bet chu know whos in da house y'all (know whos in da house y'all)
QUO is live in da house y'all (definitely in da house house y'all)
Jersey's live in da house y'all (jersey's live ind a house y'all)
New york's live in da house y'all (new york's live in da house y'all)
Cali's live in da house y'all (Cali's live in da house y'all)
And we up in 94 y'all (up in 94 y'all)

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