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The Voice

This song is by Queensrÿche and appears on the album American Soldier (2009).

Am I still alive?
I think I've got it right
I'm, I'm made of light

Before I leave and go away
There some things that I must say
Before, before I am gone

Finally now I see
There's so much inside of me
Is everyone innocent?

The blood on the ground is almost dry
I'll take this chance and I'll try
I try, I try to tell you

There's so many possibilities
That I'm just starting to see

It's like the poets that have always said
When life is hanging from a thread
You can hear that voice in your head

And now my heart's done bleeding
But I've just started seeing

I feel my courage match the tide
As I see the other side
When will we hear this voice all the time?
Will we hear it?

Just like a child in mother's arms
I know I'm warm and safe, no harm
From whatever comes from now on

Don't be afraid


Written by:

Jason Slater/Geoff Tate

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