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A Junkie's Blues

This song is by Queensrÿche and appears on the album Operation: Mindcrime II (2006).

I still have questions with no answers.
I'm alive... but I'm not living.
I don't have much time left...
I just know this:

I've lived a violent life.
I might as well be dead.
I just want to sleep forever
And forget...

It's more than physical, love unconditional.
Anything else is like a Band-Aid.
(Everything will be alright.)

So you cover your bleeding wounds,
So the dogs won't smell you coming.
There may be time... and
(Everything will work out fine.)

But what if it never changes?
And what if I wasn't to blame?
What if it never gets any better... than this?
(Everything will be alright.)

What if I wasn't to blame?
What if I could change?
Yeah, what if I could change?
(Everything will work out fine.)

(What if you're only...?)
(What if you're only...?)
(What if you're only...?)
What if I'm only insane?

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