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Alphabet Bitches

This song is by PxMxWx and appears on the album Legalize "Pass Tha Weed" (1998).

This are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
This are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches
This are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
This are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches

(Verse One)
A for Angela, a stone cold freak,
Givin' up pussy seven day's a week
B is for Brenda, a nasty bitch,
After the show she sucked all our dick's and
Cathy her pussy was swell,
But make her wash her pussy, 'cause it has a funky smell
D is for disease, if you don't wear a rubber
Ha-Ha, stupid muthafucka
E is for energy, that's what I need
Fuckin' them hoes, at a long hard speed
F is for Fran, she fucked me like a man and
When I bust my nut, she caught it with her hand
Gwen, she's got a small throat
'Cause I shoved it down her mouth and I thought her neck broke
H is for Helen, she like's kinky sex and
She's like to put hickeys on the back of yo neck

(Verse Two)
Ivory her pussy was tight,
I had a hard time fuckin' her last night
J is for Janet, she like's her dick's fat
'Cause once you go black, you ain't never goin' back
K is for Kelly, with her big o'l splift
She like's it kinda of fast when you suckin' on her tits and
Linda, yeah I like it like that
She's got some good pussy, even though the bitch is fat
M is for Mary, she was screamin' like a weasel
'Cause I started bonin' her with my big cock diesel
N is for Nancy, a porno flick bitch
Doin' that lick, while my fingers in her splift
Olivia, yo we done that hoe damage
'Cause me 'n' Big Daddy, made that bitch like an sandwich
P is for Pauline, and I don't wanna see her
'Cause she gave my boy E, a bad case of Gonorrhea

(Verse Three)
Quanta, yo wusup bitch?
It's about that time for you to do that lick
R for Rochelle, with her dark eye ogre and
When I'm done dickin' her eye's kind of swollen
S is for Sabrina, a sexy black bitch and
If you got time, she got a hell of splift
T is for Tina, a mysterious freak
She rock you so good, till you can't even speak
U is for you tell me, who start's with a U and
If you thinkin' of bitch, I'ma talk about her to
Vanessa, not the porno queen,
But the hoe in the hood, who suck dick real mean
W for Wanda, she rode me like a Honda and
I even played her dog, and put some dick on her Mama
X is for the way, PMW has been rated
Liked by the people, cop's we always hated
Y is for Yvette, with her big fine ass
The hoe suck's dick with style and class and
Z is for Zinnia, I must comment
For finishin' my song with my dick in yo rear end bitch!

I got hoes every fuckin' where I go
From A to Z fuckin' them bitches from left to right
If you wanna get a hoe, come talk to Big Man
You know what I'm sayin' 'cause I got them
Bitches on my motherfuckin' dick and that right baby

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