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Money On My Mind

This song is by Pusha T and appears on the Mixtape Fear Of God (2011).

Money on my mind, money on my mind
You see, the only real money is fast money
And with these niggers walk around with, that's little flash money
Baby don't buy it
I know he's a ? player, but he's not gonna spend it
He's been put for much too long, so trust me

They thought I lay dead, I was playing pass'em
Spot me everywhere with the 8 like king goslin
Niggers think they sit at the top, they just pasturing
Now they hid their head like an ostrich
Optimist prime and they go wing
Feeling like I transform niggers still hands on
Whip me like a sandstorm, had the ? to sell it in a damn prom
Get you higher angelo, the author of this ant thumbs
Your punch lines are mere jabs, they see through
Like the clip glass on that coup... pass

Money on my mind like my pillow is a vault
You niggers is soft so when that pillow's where you talk
Can't fight it in them dealers, actresses on mattresses
Your real chance to loving you bachelors, I laugh at them
Don't you know that it's money over bitches
Bitches love money, I granting them 3 wishes push

Shout out my nigger don c, aka jivon ? don c,
Didn't even know that you got an aka digit, ahaha
Always in that fly shit, mike t, warrup? bring it
Or should I say in a national ? marcus paw, refresh, yeah
The fear of gods in these motherfuckers
You can act like don't hear this shit man
Niggers ain't fucking with me man, no games, yeah.

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