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Psycho Motel

This song is by Psycho Motel and appears on the album State Of Mind (1995).

Here's a man that's got no reason

Here's a man that's got no friends

Here's a child that got no love now

Here he comes,

Now he's gonna make amends

Got a room that's full of pictures

Pretty women in leather and lace

At night, he hears those voices

Hears them tell it to him right into his face

Alone in the darkness, I see your face

It drifts through my dreams

Without a trace

I was feeling rough and weary

I wasn't feeling too well

And since my baby left me

I checked in at Psycho Motel

Here's a man that got the power

Here's a man that's badder than hell

Here's a man making speeches on TV

You'll find him down at the Psycho Motel

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