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This song is by Prince.

Welcome 2 the power of surrender
First things first
U must surrender your expectation
4 those of you expected 2 get your Purple Rain on
U in the wrong house
See, we're not interested in what you know
But what you are willing 2 learn
Come on, y'all, uh!
Leave that blood alone
Don't you know dead blood kills interferons
NPG, are you ready?
Come on now, ow!

We 'bout 2 get deep 2night y'all
And that's the only way that we can rise up
Rainbow children, are you in here?

On the trombone, Mr. Greg Boyer
Warm it up, Greg, warm it up

Say Candy, what you think?
Candy, does he need a passport?
Can we let him stay?
I'll have 2 search him first, that's what
We loving it Greg, come on, y'all, whoo!

Say Maceo, they trying to describe funk
I don't know if you can describe if it ain't funky
Come on, Maceo, blow your horn
Y'all know who that is? Act like you know
Say, "Maceo blow your horn" (Maceo blow your horn) {x3}
Maceo, Maceo (Maceo, Maceo)
Ow, yeah yeah
Don't hurt 'em, baby, don't hurt 'em
Hold on, hold on, yeah, come on y'all
Yeah yeah

If you drove up here in a Little Red Corvette
U might be surprised at what you gon' get

Portland, can you hear me, 2night?
Yeah yeah

On the keyboards, the Master, Renato Neto
Oh, now I know he's gotta check his passport, whoo!
Let it rock
Ah, check it out
Yeah, watch me now

U've been randomly selected to be searched
Can I get any volunteers?
U must remove your shoes
We gon' get funky
On the drums, John Blackwell

Aw, U know we don't mean nobody no good
1, 2, 1, 2, 3

I got a question 4 ya
Is it better 2 give or 2 receive (It's better 2 give)
All right then, then give up your seat 2 this person back here in the back
Come here, sister in the red
I'ma call your bluff
Can she have your seat?
All right

Is it better 2 be a leader or a follower?
Better 2 be a leader or a follower? (A leader)
A leader? 2 bad
Who thinks it's better 2 be a follower?
Follow me
Have a seat right there
I'ma play the guitar 4 U, all right?
Can I get you anything {x2}
U cool?

Aw yeah!

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