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Until U're In My Arms Again

This song is by Prince and appears on the album Newpower Soul (1998) by The New Power Generation.

All of my life I've never wanted anyone like I wanted u
Every night I said a prayer 2 God and his angels
I'm sure they knew
The many tears that I'd have 2 cry
If I ever had 2 leave your side

Until u're in my arms again
I know this pain will never end
This broken heart will never mend
Until u're in my arms again

Every mornin' when I awaken, I imagine you sleepin' in your bed
Wrong or right the reason u're taken from my embrace
Well, it's never said
'Cause every day that you don't return
Is another day that my heart just yearns and yearns
That's why¡

If life remains a mystery

Then there's no reason 2 the rhyme
And u, u'll never know what you mean 2 me till u're mine, all mine

Until u're in my arms again {x3}

Until u're, until u're, until u're in my arms again!
No, ain't never gonna end
Never gonna mend
Until u're back, right back in my arms again

I'll never see like others see
(I know that u'll come back 2 me)
I know u're gonna come right back 2 me (come on back 2 me)
And this time you will never leave my arms again
(Never leave my arms again)

Until u're in my arms again {x3}
Come on back, baby
Come on back {x2}

Until u're in my arms again {x2}

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