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Undisputed (The Moneyapolis mix)

This song is by Prince.

Once again I don't follow trends, they just follow me
Just like Israelitis through the Red Sea
It might take you some time b4 U'll want 2 c
The Undisputed truth and get FREE
My level is now what you must learn 2 rise above
Talk 2 D'Angelo or better yet ?usetlove

How is it that a brutha always wanna keep another one back?
I'm 2 far right 2 get left goin' sideways, Jack
How is that a brutha always wanna keep another one back?
Never We mind what you do, in Moneyapolis - We da MACK!

5 little Indians tryin' 2 steal from my stack
A groove or 2 later, all the critics tell them what they lack
A bowl of them 'O's is like sugar, and no smack
How is it that a brutha always wanna keep another one back?

And I... woke this morning 2 a drum roll - RATATAT
B4 I even got outta bed, I got another track
Who's that brushin' they teeth in the bathroom,
Slender, fine and black?
Never she mind what you do, in Moneyapolis I'm the MACK

4 every royalty point of urs I make a mill$advance
That's y in videos you never c me dance
Y should I, when minorities get half a chance?
In truth: U r 2 me, simply - my biggest fan.

Chuck D.'s rhyme:
Come 1, come all 2 the download ball
There's no curfew 2 hurt U - No substitutions
School's now in session
Put down the Smith and Wessons
Real renegades don't invite grenades 2 make the grade
This is a brain raid - Who rise above the lies
Raise above these days
New ways disguised as a craze
Uh, gotcha back against the status they thrown at us
Back against the wall again - HIgh trees catch a lot of wind
Last band standin'
Gotta knack 4 overstandin'
Accordin' 2 plan and look up in the sky
No cable wire
God bless the child

Is that my song playing on the radio?
"It could b G, I can't remember, I wrote it in '84!"
Y'all keep groovin' - U know I got nothin' but love 4 sho
Take it - like Clarence said:
"I got a million of them -
And they're all different, U know."

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