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The Song of the Heart

This song is by Prince and appears on the movie soundtrack Happy Feet (2006).

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The Song of the Heart
We have to find our heartsongs all by ourselves. It's the voice you hear inside, who you truly are...

You might make a different song-oh yes, that's right, it's true
That don't make anybody more or less as good as you
If you can't feel the music then that's all you really need
Then turn this party all the way out, good time guaranteed

Everybody get up, clap your hands and dancin' to the beat
Whatever you do, little darlin' it's cool, just get up out your seat
And wave your flag because everybody plays a part
One world united singing the song of the heart

Look, everybody makes mistakes-oh yeah, not one or two (Right!)
But that don't make the dirty little things they say about you true (You tell 'em!)
Step aside little babies and watch me do my thing
I don't even need a good reason to listen to me sing

Everybody get up, clap your hands and show them what you got
Tonight we gonna jam from now until eternity-don't you stop, make it hot
And wave a flag because everybody plays a part
One world united singing this song of the heart

Come on!
Watch me now!
Oh, I don't care what the people say (Say)
This is my life (This is my life)
I just got to like that okay (Okay?)
They can go fly their momma's kite

We could be together if we all do our part
I'll let you if you let me sing the song of the heart...

All right I'm going to tell you one more time
Listen, uh

One world
One world
One world united
Singing a song
Singing a song
Singing a... song of the heart

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