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Prince P.F.U.N.K

This song is by Prince.

Drop it now
Gonna stop it now
Gonna git it now

Here he comes again
He's gonna try to ruin my day
Never had a reason to dog me out
Di?n't never make 'em do what they say

Nine times outta ten
Ask ?I'm if he did he say no
I'll never be a turncoat
Never be the one
To sell your name at the grocery store

You come around
Funny stuff be goin' down
Ask him how it happened
Yo he don't know

But I don't care what people may say
I ain't gon? let it ruin my day
The best remedie for a basket full of lies
Is funk

Ain't nothin' like funky music
Got to gimme some of that music

Here she comes again
She got to tell the story her way
Once she's caught a guy
That's doin' somethin' she don't wanna
Takin' money when the crime don't pay

Every now and then
You'll do somethin'? ... they said
One man's justice is another man's fear
Don't you wish that you could sleep in my bed?

The only reason to say my name is to get your 15 secs of fame
Nobody's even sure what you do

But I don't care what people may say
I ain't gon? let it ruin my day
The best remedie for a basket full of lies is funk

There's nothin' like funky music
Let the music play
I'm crazy 4 Cocoa Rock


Well, it might not be The Grand Progression
But it sure is funky
Right on
Funky music (Ha ha)
Funky music
Funky music
Like dat keyboard, easy on the keys and easy on the beat)
Right On
Guitar man (Ain't nothing like funky music)
U can do more than that c?mon c?mon (wanna give you some of this music)
Mouth guitar, Mouth guitar

How you gonna cap and be gone?
I hate to let you know but it's on
You might not like the taste
But I'm still gon? stick your face in this funk (stick yo face in it)

Gossip again?
Ho. Hum.
Listen to my drum

Digital music disappears in the daytime

When I 1st heard
Yo face
Listen to my bass

Time will tell
We are
Listen to my guitar

(Chorus) We don't care what people may say
We ain't gon? let it ruin our day
The best remedy for a big, fat punk is funk

Ain't nothin' like funky music
Turn the music up

Are you talkin' to me?
All right
Somebody call 9-1-1
Y?all trippin'?

Look here, Weavalicious
C?mere?let me talk to you
You and your boyfriend
Lemme tell you somethin' right now
You run up on me again
With words or otherwise
And I?mma knock both you punks out

Okay takeoff
Where da ambulance?

There you have it, world
That is passing away
We don't care where you go
But you gotta get out o? here

Cancer, chronic fatigue, ugly or just plain po?
I love all y?all
Don't you ever mess with me no mo?
Ho What time is it?
All right then
That's it, y?all
I'm out like the Wolves in the first
But we gonna get it together though
Pookie! The limo warm?
A?ight, Cool
Peace y?all
Stay funky

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