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New Power Generation (Pt. II)

This song is by Prince and appears on the album Graffiti Bridge (1990).

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(We are the new power generation)
Don't pick my apples, don't pick my peaches
(We are the new power generation)
Leave my tree alone... leave it alone... leave it alone
(We are the new power generation)
Don't you look at me
(We are the new power generation)
If you're sad and you know it and you think you gonna blow it
Let your feelings out, love is there

Just go

Kid! Yo Kid!
I gotta do this, I got the noise, I gotta do this
So pump the big noise, c'mon in the house...

This here rap's about the true confession
If ya listen close you 'bout to learn a lesson
You must know failure before success
Now this is the failure I must confess (well)

I was hanging onto life trying deal with this
Playing the games, almost got dismissed
Cocaine was the thing that I took on
And nowhere was the place that I was going (preacher, c'mon on)

I must tell the truth, I cannot lie
I was headed for the kill, steal, destroy and die
Top to the bottom to bottom to top
Success is where I'm headed there ain't no doubt

Success is something that we all want
But the truth is what we need to reach our point
I had to give this message the so-called truth
I hope it's something in it that's there for you

Love to the left of me, love to the right
Come on make a noise, somebody
Party tonight! (oh yeah!)}
Like I told ya before, I'm a tell ya again
Success is something that's deep within
So remember the truth you can't go wrong
The flesh is weak and the spirit is strong
I know it to do this rap, and I know its right
'Cause I did it in the name of Jesus Christ
(C'mon somebody lets party tonight)
Party tonight! (oh yeah!)

You want me to what? (shake)
What? (shake shake)
Aww, right

The New Power Generation has just taken control


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