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Last December

This song is by Prince and appears on the album The Rainbow Children (2001).

If your last December came
What would you do?
Would anybody remember
2 remember U?

Did you stand tall?
Or did you fall?
Did you give your all?

Did you ever find a reason
Why you had 2 die?
Or did you just plan on leaving
Without wondering why?

Was it everything it seemed?
Or did it feel like a dream?
Did you feel redeemed?

Ah ah ah, in the name of the Father
In the name of the Son
Ah ah ah, we need 2 come 2gether
Come 2gether as one

Did you love somebody
But got no love in return?
Or did you understand the real meaning of love?
That it just is and never yearns?

When the truth arrives
Will you be lost on the other side?
Will you still be alive?


((Where are U?))
(They've lost... they've lost U)
((This world)) {looped}

In your life did you just give a little
Or did you give all that you had?
Were you just somewhere in the middle? (Somewhere in the middle)
Not 2 good, not 2 bad?

One, one

One {looped}


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