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I Like it There

This song is by Prince and appears on the album Chaos and Disorder (1996).

Anyone could tell I love ya
Anyone could tell I care
Twice an hour I'm thikin' of ya
Around your wait I wanna be there

On your heavenly body, I swear
I like it there

Anyone could see what's come over me
Don't you know it's 'cause of U?
I'm in a daze but that's the way it's gotta be
Let me count the ways I'm diggin' U (Diggin' U, baby!)
I'm diggin' U, baby
I hope U're diggin' me 2
Baby, I like it there
I like it there
I like it there

Can I count the ways that I'm diggin' U?
I hope U're diggin' me 2
Ooh, yeah
(I like it)
Ha ha
(I like it) {x2}
That's right

Every damn day I please ya
What can I say Shakespeare hasn't said before?
Like an embryo baby, don't abort this dire need 4 ya (Ooh-wee-oh {x4})
All my emotional ejaculate on the floor (On the floor)
And what's more, what's more, on your heavenly body, baby
I swear, I swear I like it there (I swear)
(I like it there) {repeat in BG}
Don't think I don't when I do, girl
Huh, U know how much I love ya
More than I love my hair
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah!
Yeah, I like it there!
(On your heavenly body, I swear)
Baby, baby I swear I like it there

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