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Chord Lord

This song is by Pretenders and appears on the album Alone (2016).

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He likes her better than me
Everybody here tonight could see
He liked her
Better than me

Couldn't even get in the dance
In fact I didn't stand a chance
It was her not me

That's the way I'm going down
Growing a town
That was my worst round
A classed, comfort pound

I can't compete on the streets
I haven't got the heat
Can't keep up with the beat
Like I should
This neighborhood

Thought I had nothing to prove
Than the bouncer made me move
And that little piece of fluff
Moved in on and ran with the groove

That's the way I'm going down
Watch me now as I hit the ground
Ooh, take a look around
You see me?

Ooh, that's the way I'm going down
Put a padlock on my door
They're closing me down
Ooh, hide in the best hotel in town

Sometimes do you ever get the feeling
It's all over
Sometimes do you ever get the feeling


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