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Through The Eyes Of A Blind Man

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album I'll Keep On Loving You (1973).

I'd've always thought I'd see a lotta thoughtful things in life
Until a blind man showed me something
That was more beautiful than anything I'd ever seen
One morning I was standing on a street corner waitin' for a bus
When I heard the tap of a cane
The he walked up beside me lookin' straight ahead through dark glasses
And his Bible of braille in his hands
He said good morning sir in a voice that was soft and kind
It sorta startled me for a moment for I had no idea that he knew I was there
For I hadn't made a sound
Then I spoke to him and started conversation I said are you waitin' for a bus
He said yes sir I'm goin' out to the college campus to give a lecture on Jesus
Would you like to go with me he said with the smile you might enjoy yourself
Although I'm not the world's greatest speaker
My subject is of a man that's so different from any moments
I guess it was curiosity that caused me to go or maybe this strange look about him
But in a short time I found myself on a college campus
Seated with the students at the jam
The room was as still as inside of a tomb
As he walked toward the podium in the middle of the room
Then he opened his Bible and put his hands on a braille
As though he was touching the hands of God
And said God help these people to see what I have seen
Show 'em the right path to trod
Let 'em look to my eyes and see the love of Jesus for them
And those that were there at the campus that morning
Saw Jesus through the eyes of that blind man

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