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Sweet Fern

This song is by Porter Wagoner.

Haven't you heard there's a new love for me
Haven't you heard you're just my used to be
She held out her hand said haven't you heard
I saw gold wedding band I was lost forward
I wanted to cry I wanted to die when she said these words oh haven't you heard
Eat drink and be merry (tomorrow you'll cry)
(Celia Ferguson - Sandra Ferguson)
" © '54 copyright control"

Little heart you've been broken many times before
But the wound always heals no matter how sore
But this time is different and I can't tell you why
Eat drink and be merry tomorrow you'll cry

Satisfied mind
(Red Hayes - Jack Rhodes)
" © '54 Starday Music"

How many time have you heard someone say
If I had his money I could do things my way
But little they know that it's so hard to find one rich man in ten with a satisfied mind

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