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Shuckin' Corn

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album Me And My Boys (1969).

Shuckin' corn
(Ray Griff)

I was barely past the stage of baby bottles
At an age when little legs first start to toddle
When my pa saw I could stand he thought I would be a man
Once I got the feel of blisters on my hands
Shuckin' corn shuckin' corn shuckin' corn shuckin' corn
From early morning until dusk we stripped away the blades of husk
Shuckin' corn shuckin' corn
I stood right along beside my two big brothers
And it got so we depended on each other
There was little time for fun underneath the summer sun
And it seemed to me like work was never done shuckin' corn shuckin' corn
Through the years this life of mine has kind mellowed
I'm the father of a bright eyed little fellow
You ain't seen a closer pair he goes with me everywhere
And you can bet your boots he'll always do his share
Shuckin' corn shuckin' corn...

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