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Peace On Earth Begins Today

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album Me And My Boys (1969).

Lay down your weapons of the war peace on earth begins today
I dreamed last night a dream so real about a blood drenched battlefield
With weapons aimed and set to kill a perfect stranger on the hill
Then something made me hesitate a voice I swear I heard say wait
And there before me stood a man in snow white robe without stretched hands
Lay down your weapons of the war you will not need them anymore
Bow down instead your head and pray peace on earth begins today

I saw the man I nearly killed throw down his weapons on the hill
Like long lost brothers then we cried and clambered down the mountain side
And there upon the meadow green we saw what eyes have never seen
For all the leaders of the land were gathered there shaking hands
And in their midst a stranger strolled with nail scared hands and a snow white robe
Lay down your weapons...
Peace on earth begins today

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