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Old Camp Meetin' Time

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album Live On The Road (1966).

Long ago when just a boy at old camp meetin' time
How my heart would beat with joy to hear the old bells chime
Calling all the saints of God onto the house of prayer
Oh such prayin' singin' shoutin' for the Lord was there
How I like the old time preachin' prayin' shoutin' singin'
How I like the old time reading of God's words
How I like to hear those glory hallelujahs ringin'
How I like the old time worship of the Lord

Preaching in the good ole days were filled with holy fame
Preaching for the souls of men and not for world acclaim
Under such old fashion preaching sinners knelt to pray
And the Lord would save them in that good ole fashion way
How I like the old time...

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