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My Boys

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album Me And My Boys (1969).

(Don Warden)
Don came into my world when I had just first begun
He stuck with me in the hard old days
And I think as much of him as I do my own son
He built me up when I was down and the way was hard to find
But he was on my side in all that we tried and sometimes we wouldn't even have a dime
(Speck Rhodes)
Ha ha Speck came next and with him brought his happiness to me
And he'd never fail to cheer me up with his chequered suit and his comedy
You know sometimes the crowds were so small they wouldn't hardly laugh at all
But ol' Speck didn't mind he'd worked just as hard as if he was in Carnegie Hall
(Buck Trent)
Times were still rough when I hired Buck and he added so much with his banjo
He worked mighty mighty hard even when we were tired
'Cause he believed in me and the show
I explained at the start that time would be hard and that there wouldn't be much pay
But he said I can take it 'cause you're gonna make it
And I know there'll be pay someday
(George McCormick)
Then George came with us and added his touch of rhythm to brighten the show
His singing is so fine and he smiles all the time
And helps shorten the hours on the road
He never complains about the work or the strain he's happy to do his part
And George ike al the others has a special pace in my heart
(Mack Magaha)
Mack came then and brought with him much color to add to the show
He wins the hearts of every crowd no matter where we go
He fiddles around from town to town and dances all the while
Together we've worked many many shows and traveled many miles
(Jerry Carrigan)
The drums of Little Jack put the final touch
To complete my band that I admire so much
You know every man has something that he's proud of and enjoys
But no man could be as proud of anything as I am of my boys

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